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Video, Image, personal information published on website without your authorization

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Your online contents might be used somewhere else to generate profulStart the Takedown process immediately with us

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We help find and remove infringing contents from internet.
We remove contents infringing your copyrights & Trademarks.

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My DMCA Agent strives to provide excellent custom services for DMCA and intellectual property problems, We listen & serve to each customer individually!  Please avail our services as per our fixed competitive prices. We guarantee our performance and hope this will the best investment you will ever have!


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DMCA Takedowns

We file DMCA Take down notices on your behalf. I'ts affordable and reliable way to act against your stolen content on the internet

DMCA Counter Notice

Have you received a DMCA complaint or a Take down notice? Please do your own research before responding or consult us for an affordable sure shot solution!


We crawl up the internet to search infringing contents for you. Contents include Personal information, Digital products, Duplicate tangible products etc.

About Us:

We at MyDMCAAgent are proficient in handling DMCA takedown filings, Responding to DMCA counter notices, investigating cases of copyright infringements. 

We have filed countless DMCA complaints to shut websites that were involved in selling/sharing unauthorized softwares, images, songs etc.

What we do?

  • We help you remove copyright & trademark protected contents from internet.
  • A DMCA takedown notice is issued to the infringee and asked to remove the infringed contents from the website. The infringed contents can be a software, Digital contents (image, videos) or it can be your personal information like your phone number or home address.
  • In the past we have helped our clients remove videos from YouTube infringing on their copyrighted contents.
  • We removed bunch of websites hosting cracked software without authorization. removal of the infringed contents had immediate positive effect on the clients business.
  • We helped a client restore her business on Amazon online selling platform by filing a counter DMCA notice.
  • We can help you too, Feel free to contact us using the contact form below. we offer FREE Consultation.


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We offer free Consultation regarding DMCA Takedown notices & Counter notices. Feel free to fill up the form below!

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Your information with us is secure and stored in a secured client portal. Any information submitted within this form, including your name and email address is held in strict confidence. We do not sell or share any information contained within these forms with anyone.